Friday, April 22, 2005

Sun CEO Schwartz thinks blog cuts through filters (FT story)

Here's why blogs are important to corporations: their CEOs think it's a great way to get the word out unfiltered, unvarnished, and yes, undistorted by the media and other third parties. A good example is in today's Financial Times, which has a profile (subscription required) of Sun Microsystems CEO and executive blogger Jonathan Schwartz by reporter John Gapper.

At the end of the feature comes this telling comment from Schwartz:

"If my readership in a month is greater than Computer World, why would I advertise through them? If I can capture their readership and ensure the content is faithful to what I think, why would I want to have one of them interpret it for me? I am humble enough to know my voice will never rise above the FT or The Wall Street Journal but will it rise above Slashdot? Yeah, it already has."


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