Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fair Measures - Employee Blogging Package

Here's a legal solutions firm that has created a checklist package for employee bloggers to make sure they don't get "dooced," or fired for blogging.

One way to keep from getting fired is to refrain from dissing your employer online! When we did a blogging panel together in New York in September, BL Ochman expressed astonishment at the naivete of some bloggers who were surprised when a young woman got fired after candidly blogging about how much she hated her boss and her job in a specific PR firm.

What did she expect?, BL wanted to know. Indeed.

My first mentor in the PR world, Don Campbell, a former Erie-Lackawanna salesman turned PR savvy guru, once told me, "I was never sorry for the things that I DIDN'T say."

How true. How valuable.


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