Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I was going to blog about this speaking appearance, but one of the other speakers beat me to it...

I'm in Newark participating in an NJIT seminar on new/social media like blogs, podcasts, and wikis. I thought I should mention it in a blog entry. I was hesitant to write a lenghty entry since I just have my Treo qnd not the external keyboard.

Fortunately, one of the other speakers had a laptop, was blogging during my talk on podcasts and beat me to it. You can read Ken Ronkowitz's blog entries here.

NJIT liked the program so much they booked all of us to repeat the program on June 21. More info at or on the website.

Note to online map users. Don't try to use MLK Blvd off of Route 280. Lots of construction and major traffic headaches.

Use Broad Street to Central Ave. Cross MLK Blvd and first left is Summit Place at NJIT.


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