Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lubetkin's Other Blog Podcast #8: Interview with Garrett Graff, editor of FishBowlDC blog

Lubetkin's Other Blog Podcast #8: Interview with Garrett Graff, editor of FishBowlDC blog (23:05, MP3 31.7 mb)

Garrett was the firstblogger to be given a White House press credential. More recently, it was announced in the Washington Post and on Jossip that Garrett will become an editor-at-large at Washingtonian Magazine. Garrett tells LOBP that he will continue blogging for FishBowlDC, although a co-writer will be engaged. Says Garrett, "I couldn’t give up blogging, it’s too much fun!"

Program Notes
01:04 to 05:17 - Steve notes the debate regarding Boston Herald columnist Brett Arends' column about poor experiences with corporate PR people in Boston, and mentions his own response to the Arends column that took companies to task for reducing the number of seasoned PR people in corporate PR departments.The segment also includes an excerpt from the "For Immediate Release" podcast by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson.

05:17-21:26 - Interview with Garrett Graff

Garrett Graff was previously vice president of communications at EchoDitto, Inc., a Washington, D.C.-based technology consulting firm. A Vermont native, he served formerly as deputy national press secretary on Howard Dean's presidential campaign and, beginning in 1997, was then-Governor Dean's first webmaster. In college, he was a news writer and executive editor at the Harvard Crimson, Harvard University's daily newspaper, where he wrote more news articles than any other writer in half-a-century and held internships at ABCNews' Political Unit and at the Atlantic Monthly. He is also a frequent speaker on blogging and the intersection of politics and technology.

21:26-23:05 - Closing credits. Thanks to 300Stars for Ying Yang, our theme music.

Friday, August 19, 2005

FDIC again warning banks about fake cashiers' checks

This alert recalls the blog entry I wrote several months back about how commercial banks are not giving tellers adequate training to identify these fake checks and to protect their customers from being defrauded. If anyone has heard about a customer losing money by depositing a fake cashier's check, write me at steve@lubetkin.net or post a comment to this blog.
Eight Counterfeit Checks And Money Orders Special Alerts Issued
Eight Special Alerts have been issued by the FDIC regarding counterfeit cashier’s checks drawn on White Oak State Bank, White Oak, Texas, Newtown Savings Bank, Newtown, Connecticut, and Waldo State Bank, Waldo, Wisconsin; counterfeit official checks drawn on HomeStreet Bank, Seattle, Washington, and Cathay Bank, Los Angeles, California; counterfeit checks drawn on NCB, FSB, Hillsboro, Ohio; counterfeit treasurer’s checks drawn on Laconia Savings Bank, Laconia, New Hampshire; and counterfeit money orders drawn on Shell Lake State Bank, Shell Lake, Wisconsin. Information concerning the counterfeit checks and money orders has been posted on the BOL Alerts & Counterfeits page.

Newark Speaks - Where is Sharpe's other hand??

Newark Speaks - Where is Sharpe's other hand??

Scroll down the message board to see yet another use of the photo of me with Mayor James of Newark...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Claiming Feedster Feed

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Trackbacks enabled for LOB

We've signed up with Haloscan to provide trackback linking and commenting functionality. We hope this is useful to you. Please let us know!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Stop Junk Mail to Dead Relatives...only $1

In a true modern definition of the Yiddish term chutzpah, the Direct Marketing Association is now offering you the opportunity to have deceased relatives removed from mailing lists. It will only cost you $1 for the privilege. Gosh, what a bargain.
Since it costs the direct mail marketing industry a lot more than $1 per piece to send junk mail to dead people, I say, let them keep sending it until they all go bankrupt from mailing to dead people.
It will serve them right.

...declare it a parade and make yourself grand marshall...

PR exec turned layoff into career opportunity

The high quotability of a wonderful piece of advice I was given by John Cooney, former attorney at Bank of America, with whom I worked on a very challenging and difficult press issue, helped to get me profiled in this past Sunday's Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ).

Thanks, John!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Writers Group Rescinds 'Conscience in Media' Award Given to Judith Miller (Editor and Publisher: Today's Most Viewed Articles)

Independent writers have chickened out supporting Judith Miller for
protecting her sources. Are we back in the Nixon years, when the news media
was afraid of the government?