Friday, August 17, 2007

New Podcast Comment Lines for Professional PodcastsOne of the problems with free voice mail lines is that if you don't use it at least once every 30 days, it goes away. So our (206) number has gone away.

The good news is that we're using Skype Voicemail for our new, more permanent podcast comment line. Please make a note of this number if you'd like to leave a podcast comment for us.

The number is +1 (856) 861-6146 in the US.
You can also call the UK at +44 020 7193 6146

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wall Street Journal on Second Life's coming financial meltdown

WSJ column reports on financial problems that seem to be piling up in Second Life just like the bills that come in First Life.

There's been an embezzlement from the stock exchange and the bank has refused to cash people out? Didn't we predict that months ago?

I know it's schadenfreud-y of me, but we have been warning about this play money scheme for a long time in this blog.

Online stuff is pretty, it's cool, sometimes it even works as advertised, but there are red flags all over this.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

330 out of 150??? We have a long way to go!

Advertising Age - Power 150

Todd Andrlik's Power 150 PR Blogger list made its debut in AdWeek magazine and we're proud to even see our name on the list, even though we turn up at 330 on the list. Better to be on the list than to be on the "D" List, right?

Anyway, it clearly means that blogging about communications means something...not sure what, but we're going to work a lot harder to move this diatribe closer to the top of the house.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Doctor's Avatar will see you now...

Did you know why men frequently choose female avatars (graphic representations of themselves) in online virtual worlds? Dan Gottlieb had a guest with the answer yesterday on WHYY.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb is the Cherry Hill-based psychologist with the award-winning "Voices in the Family" show on local NPR affiliate WHYY-FM, had a great discussion Monday with researchers looking at the psychological impact of virtual worlds like Second Life.

His guests included Dr. Craig Kerley, who actually has a practice in Second Life. You can listen to the discussion as a podcast.

More information on the episode is at

Dan's website is here.