Monday, January 29, 2007

As opposed to investing in "domestic" countries?

Quote in a press release issued today trumpeting the selection of a PR agency in New York to help the nation of Belgium promote investment in the US market:
We selected [NAME OF FIRM DELETED -- let's not embarrass them just yet] because of their substantial experience in communicating to U.S. companies the advantages of investing in international countries," said Mrs. Renilde Loeckx-Drozdiak, Consul General of Belgium in New York. "We were particularly impressed with the firm's work for Invest Northern Ireland."
Good thing Belgium recognizes that it is an international country, huh?
Does anyone proofread this stuff anymore before they shovel it out the door?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Maybe Amanda and DiStefano will see each other?

Editor & Publisher is reporting that another ex-Inkystained wretch is joining Bloomberg. Read Ex-'Inky' Editor Amanda Bennett to Join Bloomberg News.

That means Amanda and business writer Joe DiStefano, who decamped for BBN just as the axe was falling repeatedly in the Inquirer newsroom, will be working together yet again...

DiStefano is covering the credit card industry for BBN, and will eventually stop commuting to NYC and work from Wilmington, much closer to home.

Joe was our first guest on our Middle Chamber Books podcast, talking about his book Comcasted, about the Roberts family and its media empire.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'Inky' Minority Staffers Deliver Protest Letter to Publisher Tierney

Editor & Publisher, the bible of the news industry, has this item in yesterday's edition: 'Inky' Minority Staffers Deliver Protest Letter to Publisher Tierney

It's a shame that a once proud newspaper is gutting its core competency, news reporting, and it's a double shame that a critical portion of its public, the African-American community that makes up an enormous demographic in the circulation area, is taking a disproportionate hit in the jobs lost.

The best I can say is that PR people in Philly are reaching out to the ex-Inquirer newsies. The Philadelphia PRSA chapter is having a kick-off 2007 meeting January 24, and we've invited the jobseeking journos to join us for networking about communications, PR, and jobs...many will be coming...stay tuned for more insights!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Social media in public diplomacy

Just a short note from the State Department in Washington where I am speaking this afternoon about social media, blogs, and podcasting before a group of Public Affairs Officers from all the embassies in Asia.

I'll get to reconnect with PAO Lee McClenny, one of my hosts in The Philippines last September.

This is my third appearance before State Department audiences...maybe I can get appointed US Ambassador to Second Life?